Blood Pressure and Sugar Readings

When I started I had consistently high blood pressure because of both my weight AND stress at work.  The company nurse and doctor put me on blood pressure medication to try and regulate it to a more acceptable level.

This turned out to be one of my biggest motivators for losing weight – because I do NOT want to end up having a stroke or popping pills for the rest of my life.

I’ve never had a problem with sugar – but I know that Diabetes is a possibility if I remained as obese as what I was.

My blood gets drawn when I visit the Dietician at the clinic and they take my blood pressure as well.

This is the journey so far and its very noticeable that as I lose weight – so my blood pressure drops.  I am still on the tablets because of the stress in my job – but the company doctor will evaluate that as we go along.

UPDATE:  The company Doctor took me off my blood pressure medication today 5 NOVEMBER 2013 because I’ve been consistently down for the last three weeks…  They will still be monitoring me – but it looks like THIS medication is a thing of the past now for me… 🙂

28 September 2013

  • Blood Pressure 150/90
  • Blood Glucose 4.4
  • Weight 111.4kg

8 October 2013

  • Blood Pressure 150/90
  • Blood Glucose 4.6
  • Weight 109.8kg

15 October 2013

  • Blood Pressure 120/80
  • Blood Glucose 4.9
  • Weight 107.3kg

22 October 2013

  • Blood Pressure 110/70
  • Blood Glucose 4.2
  • Weight 105.7kg

From here onwards they only take my blood glucose and blood pressure every TWO weeks!

6 November 2013

  • Blood Pressure 120/78
  • Blood Glucose 4.3
  • Weight 102.8kg

19 November 2013

  • Blood Pressure 130/75
  • Blood Glucose 4.6
  • Weight 101.8kg

3 December 2013

  • Blood Pressure 120/80
  • Blood Glucose 4.6
  • Weight 98.9kg

I think soon I will only have my blood pressure and glucose taken once a month because they are both pretty consistent at the moment.  I will discuss that with the Dietician when I see her next time.



So now my blood pressure will only be taken WHEN needed!


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