Another 3kgs gone!

Another 3 kgs gone since I weighed three weeks ago.

I think for me the most amazing thing is putting my hands on my hips and feeling MUSCLE!  Ok  – it might not be a lot and it might be a little deep down underneath the wobbly bits – but my goodness I can feel firm muscle developing there and its NOT my imagination.

What I considered hard work a couple of weeks ago is now getting to be routine and I actually find myself looking forward to it.  This morning I spent nearly 2 hours at the gym in preparation for the Easter Bunny.  As I want to eat the little sod and an offspring or two tomorrow – I decided to start paying penance now already so that I can enjoy it fully and with only some small semblance of guilt.

Its all about forward planning and a lot of give-and-take.

I know that now which is why I’m sailing through this with a major smile on my face and a hop skip and a jump in my step.

Its like I finally tapped into the magic that thin people have always known and I’m NOT about to forget it!

Happy Easter everybody!





3 thoughts on “Another 3kgs gone!

  1. That’s excellent – most would feel guilty afterwards and try to ‘make up for it’ AFTER overindulgence …. what a great idea to prepare for it in this way. Then you don’t have to feel ‘weighed down’ with guilt afterwards. Great work!

    By the way, your dear mother ate an Australian chocolate bilby all by herself this Easter and I must say that she, too, is walking quite a bit and also said emphatically that even our few days at O’Reilleys (world-class restaurant, 4-course meals) has made no change to her weight. And that says something!! (She knows this, because she rushed to weigh herrself on the bathroom scale as soon as we got back home!) . Weigh to go!!

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