Lost some more!

I was on the plateau so long that I’ve been avoiding the scale.

However, on Friday I finally got on to the scale at the gym and I nearly jumped through my skin when I realised that in the last 6 weeks I’ve dropped a total of 5.2 kilograms…


That means a total weight loss so far of 25.4 kilograms!


I might have been quiet on the blogs because of the intense pressure at work – but I am still going extremely strong and my focus hasn’t shifted! However I haven’t always been as good as what I could have been…  BUT I always get back on to the diet horse immediately and I always remember that its now all about making healthy choices.

It also helps that I still go to the gym every weekday between 5:00 and 6:10 and I still do my aquarobics.  My stamina has increased and I am able to do more within the same timeframe by increasing the resistance and speed on the stairmaster and treadmill. Its hard work and some mornings I don’t feel like getting up so early – but being extremely obstinate and horribly pig-headed – I drag my sorry butt out of bed because this is the price I have to pay for being a slug for so long.

I will be taking photos tonight again because its been two months since the last ones and I’m quite inquisitive to see if the gymming has started to make any difference to my silhouette.  I know its too soon to show – but I can feel some muscle developing underneath my dimpling skin and I can’t help but feel incredible motivated by this.

So wish me luck and lets hope the photos show SOME improvement.

Are you guys all still on track?  Are you still motivated and determined? Trust me – the rewards of a healthier lifestyle for me right now is such a boost that I am literally leaping tall buildings.  My happiness is contagious and my weight loss at work has motivated so many people that there is a whole string of women already going to my dietician.

Having friends on this journey sure makes it a LOT easier!

That’s me for now!   Night Night



4 thoughts on “Lost some more!

  1. Beautiful … beautiful!!! Love it …. love it! Can’t wait for the photographs!!!! Fantastic job!! Skinny*^&@# coming up!

  2. So glad you are still going so strong with your weight loss! I am just now getting back to it, and I sure wish I had spent the last few months sticking with the program. I can’t wait to see the pics…I’m sure it’s an amazing change. Great job!!

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