Helping us fat people by NOT judging us!

I don’t normally entertain rumours, nor do I care much what people say – but I’m getting a bit miffed with the stories floating around my work colleagues with regards to my weight loss.

Apparently, I’m getting injections and apparently I’m taking loads of tablets in order to lose all this weight because I appear to lack the willpower as I’m such a weak person.

Its rather insulting to me that some people think that I need a chemical aid to drop the kilos.

On the other hand – to be fair…  if you reach 111.4kgs that can’t be blamed on any medical reasons then I guess you can appear weak with no willpower what so ever to the judgemental people out there.

HOWEVER… there are other factors that contribute to such a dramatic weight increase.  Not all obese people are weak-willed, some have traumatic experiences and situations that they are ill-equipped to handle.  Food can be a crutch or a prop used to deal with emotional stress and mental anguish.  We are not given a handbook on this thing called life and most of us can just hang on for dear life while the roller coaster of living tosses us around with extreme ups and punishing lows.

The point I’m trying to make is that NOBODY has the right to pass judgement on anybody.  We do NOT walk a mile in their shoes and we do not live in their heads every single second of the day.  We have no right to stand and point fingers or convict people for the way they look.

As far as I’m concerned – the ONLY right we have as human beings is to be there when they ask for help, to provide encouragement and share our own experiences while they work through what ever demons chase them.

Its up to them to realise that they can do something about their weight, that there are real solutions out there and that obesity just adds to the mountain of problems they already face very day of their lives.

We should NEVER add to their misery in any way and it takes a particular cruel person to inflict further mental torture by ridiculing and tormenting them with unkind words and gestures.

So instead of breaking people down, rather learn to stretch out a lending hand by offering sincere words of encouragement and support.

I’m not going to “defend” myself to the naysayers at work who are spreading the rumours that I’ve swopped my food addiction for a chemical addiction.  I’m not interested in entertaining those who can not see the good in people and who would prefer to break people down in order to feed their psychotic hatred of those succeeding where they themselves are failing.

I know the truth and I do not have to explain myself to anybody.

My journey to a healthy me does not JUST entail a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy attitude… it also entails healthy relationships with those who matter in my life.  And quite frankly – nasty little rumour mongers will not take up any negative space in my life EVER again.

This truly has become an epic journey filled with revelations about just exactly what in our lives weigh us down.  Because trust me – its not just the added kilograms that pull us down – its the added weight we drag around with us filled with bad experiences, bad memories and bad people.

Life is about choices… its time now to choose the things that are good for us and discard the things that aren’t.

Happy journey everybody!!!  Stay strong and stay focussed.

I leave you with a collage that my Aussie Sister just made for me……  its a collection of photos of me growing up…. :)Another journey in another time… 🙂




3 thoughts on “Helping us fat people by NOT judging us!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this but I’m so proud of your STRENGTH:-) That’s right focus all of your energy on the positive aspects of your life. That’s what matters surround yourself with love and joy, that will carry you to the finish line. I know you will make it, I’m smiling as I write this. PEACE

  2. I don’t care what ANYONE says about you, because I know how strong you are. I know that if you set your mind to anything, you tackle it with that Myntjie-Bester stubbornness and strength that is ingrained in the genes. Feel sorry for those who think that a chemical-solution is the only way your success can be explained. It shows a real flaw in their thinking and understanding. I’ve been so impressed and inspired by you that Cailin and I have started walking/jogging a 4km route – we’ve just completed our second day and …. OWWWW!! It hurts after years of inactivity. Hurtcies, my precious. Love your new look! Go, little sister, go!!!

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