My fat butt is getting into a size 14 pants!

pants14-2It might NOT sound like a lot to you skinny people out there – but if you’ve been happily living in a size 20 pants for a very long long time – then squeezing yourself into a size 14 NON-STRETCH cargo pants is a VERY BIG DEAL!

Its actually not tight on me at all – so I think that the size 14 pants have been quietly waiting for me in the sidelines – I’ve just been stuck on the mindset that I am bigger than what I am.  So can you imagine the gasp of wonder when I finally slipped one on and it went easily over my hips.  Ok – if truth be told – I still had to breathe in to get it zipped up – but at least its not cutting off my circulation and I can sit comfortably.

It might just be the make of the pants – but its still a size 14 and I’m IN IT – SO THERE!  *smug smirk*

pants14-3 Looking for quick fixes to lose weight has not worked for me in the past.  I believed every single fad and promise made by unscrupulous people out there and all that happened in the end is that I lined their greedy pockets with money and totally messed up my metabolism.  I was so desperate to lose weight that I was willing to try anything.  BUT… there is unfortunately no quick fix, no magic wand and no easy solution to this weighty issue.

Going through a Dietician might have been very slow and laborious in the beginning, but I’ve never been happier in my life that I stuck to something this important!

Now for the first time, I’m healthy, I’m active, my head is in the game and my metabolism is so fast that I’m burning fuel at a rapid rate of knots.  I even had to increase my food intake because I was dropping too quickly and I need to halt the gravitational pull on my skin to give it time to catch up to all this weight loss.


Took all my hair off because its TOUGH trying to tame curls when you are swimming every morning… 🙂

My gymming is going very well… I’m going every weekday between 5 and 6 in the morning and I sweat and grunt my way through the stepper, the treadmill and the swimming pool….  As much as it tires me out and I want to die at the end of it – I also adore the aquarobics on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

So NO more wearing pants made by Tent and Tarpaulin!

That’s me for today and I just hope that everybody else is still as fully committed to reaching their goals as I am.  I wish you strength and loads of good results!!!!

Just keep your eye on the ball and remember… YOU DESERVE TO FEEL AND LOOK GOOD!




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