Toning my flabby behind off in the gym…

For somebody who reached the age of 50 and who have NEVER done an exercise regime in her life – THIS IS HARD WORK!

But – I’m NOT going to lose heart.  I KNEW that this journey was going to be tough and I knew that I was going to have to go very FAR out of my comfort zone.  So as tough as what I find this whole new chapter in my life, I will persevere and I will keep on chipping away at it one tiny second at a time.

My new motto is:

Do a little bit more than what you did yesterday and a little bit less than what you are going to do tomorrow….

Being a total novice at this – I’m taking baby steps so that I don’t expire on the spot and burn myself out.

After all – I don’t want to start with a bang and end off giving up completely because I’ve set myself unrealistic goals and put unrealistic expectations for me to reach.

My exercise regime is befitting a woman of my rotund girth and age.

  • I’ve now settled comfortably with 15 minutes on the stepper (which is a total of taking the stairs up 48 floors!) on setting 4
  • I then move to the treadmill and do 15 minutes of hard and fast walking (settings 5.5).  But here I must confess something.  I play a certain beat of music on my MP3 player and I’m so intent on listening that I keep on setting the treadmill faster and faster until my legs move in time with the music.  HEAVEN help me if I put on Acid Rock – I will most probably set my legs on fire with the friction and expire on the spot.  🙂
  • Finally I end off doing 20 minutes in the pool, swimming a combination of Free Style, Breast stroke, back stroke and one failed attempt at Butterfly.

I don’t go over this regime because I only have from 05:00-06:00 in the morning before I need to shower and get to work.  I decided right in the beginning to start focussing on my cardiovascular first before I go further.  Once I’ve built up stamina – I will consider the circuit.

  • Then on Monday and Wednesday evening 18:00-19:00  I do an hour’s worth of water-aerobics which I then repeat on Saturday morning from 09:00-10:00am.  The exercise is pretty intensive and I love doing this!  I’m a very strong swimmer and lets face it – a fat person in the water is on equal footing with the skinny buggers….

The sore muscles are still very much there and my butt cheeks feel as if they want to move to another country – but I’m feeling so much more energized right now.  Exercising is such a cheap and addictive drug.  It makes you feel on top of the world!  Why on earth I’ve never done this before is a total mystery to me right now… 😦

My exercise of choice is still the Stepper – that machine is awesome!  I can feel every single muscle in my leg, buttocks and stomach working.  I stand up straight and I pump my arms while I’m doing it.  Others hang on to the bars for dear life and step fast and furious with tiny little up and down steps.  I read on the internet that the correct way to do it is to step right down in order to get all the muscles in the legs working.  So after watching a couple of YouTube movies posted by fitness experts – I’ve decided to follow them rather and now I can really feel it working.

I want to eventually do the Yoga or Pilates classes because I need to limber up again – although looking at this photo that one of my techies took of me two months ago – it seems that I can still curl myself up like a pretzel like I did in my youth.

Lynda at age 26

Lynda at age 26

Lynda at age 50

Lynda at age 50

Well that’s my moans and groans and small little achievements for today.

I hope you guys are still on track for the Sprint to May Challenge and I hope you guys are kicking the fat fairy around like a soccer ball!





13 thoughts on “Toning my flabby behind off in the gym…

    • Thanks… but I do tend to look like an ungainly frog trying to stomp grapes on it…. but what the heck – if you can’t laugh at yourself then you shouldn’t try anything new – right?

      • Lol! I think that everyone does. Great description, by the way! I wish that they would put a shower curtain around the one that I use to save the others from having to see me look so uncoordinated on it. 🙂

    • So far the yoga classes clash with my schedule – but give me time – I’ll get there and find a happy medium between everything. After all – I thought I wouldn’t have time for the gym and the aquarobics!

  1. Just talking about the stepper makes my thighs burn. I do it all, I have no exercise loyalties. I’ve been wanting to get my crazy booty into a trapeze class. Hopefully the net will be center in the right spot…lol

  2. Do NOT send those butt muscles to this country – I probably won’t recognize them, but they’ll be sent right back! I remember that pretzel photo – taken in Holland on our European tour …. those were the days – when you were converted to becoming a vegetarian when all the guys wanted to eat was the same type of tinned meat for 6 weeks. I’m definitely now feeling inspired by you to get off my behind and start exercising!!! Go shwester!!!

    • Sheryl – eating the same meat every day didn’t turn me into a veggie – working on that farm where they killed chickens, sheep, cows and little lambs DID! That farmer in Whales was pretty darn ruthless… *shudder*
      Hey – are you guys ready for mom and dad? They are getting so excited!

      • Renovation to bathroom/toilet/laundry reaching completion this week. Still covered in dust as we speak, but will be ready – we’re too excited to sleep!!! CAN’T WAIT!!

  3. Great job! If your too sore after your workouts, do one day legs and next day arms (throw in core on the arms day to add some time on it). Keep trucking!

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