I can fit into a bath again!

You have NO idea how incredible this is for me!!!

As a teenager I’ve always loved lying in the bath and soaking my cares away.  Maybe a candle or two on the side of the bath, bubbles up to my nose and my Walkman blaring my favourite music in my ears.

As the pounds added bulk to my frame, I struggled more and more to fit into ordinary baths and all too soon this favourite pastime became but a distant memory. So sad… 😦   I never admitted it to people and I just politely stayed away from the porcelain monster in the bathroom and just kept on squeezing myself into showers growing ever smaller as I grew ever bigger.  There was one guest house in Melville (Johannesburg) whose shower was so small that I had to slide in sideways.  Embarrassing as it was, it was also instrumental in adding momentum to my final decision to lose weight.

bathNow I’m in a hotel in the Wanderers in Johannesburg and decided to give the bath another chance… I was hoping that a 20kg weight loss would make me fit in that little bit easier, but I completely misjudged just how many centimetres I’ve been shedding from my ample frame.  It was incredible just how much room there was in the bath and how much less space I took.  I felt like a queen!

With my music blaring in my ears, I laid in that bath last night until the cooling water and wrinkled skin reminded me that I needed to get out.

So there you have it – just another incredible reason why I should NEVER pile on the pounds again and why I should continue on this happy path of discovery.  Its often the little things that make us happy and content.  As I am right now.

To my fellow Sprint to May Challengers – I’m having a tough time staying on my healthy eating plan during my trip, but I’m continuing making healthy choices and seeing this trip as just another challenge that I need to find a solution for in order to make my goal.  Hope you guys are all going strong and I can’t wait to read your blogs tonight!!


3 thoughts on “I can fit into a bath again!

    • LOL… I wish it was a vacation… naaahhhh… one doesn’t go to Johannesburg for a rest… you go to get stressed… 🙂 I’m here for work so I’m not a happy bunny…

  1. First of all, I just want to tell you that I love how you tell your stories. I always get so wrapped up in them and I’m saddened when the post is suddenly finished. 😦 Thank you for that. 🙂

    As for your achievement… WOW!!!! That is AMAZING! I, too, can recall when I got too big for the tub. It is a sad thing to have that taken away, but for you to get that back? Well, the greatness of that is just something that some people won’t ever understand. Keep going the way you are. You are setting such a fine example! 😀

    With regards to your trip, these things happen. Like you said, it is a challenge and it’s one I’m very confident you’ll overcome. You’re so strong and inspiring. I hope all other aspects of your trip are going wonderfully! You’ll be back home soon enough.

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