Re-programming my brain to think like a thin person…

I always wished that I had the type of metabolism where I could eat everything I want and just not pick up anything – but the minute I shoved a piece of cake in my mouth – the stupid thing rushed to my hips where it clung like a limpid mine throwing a huge party inviting everybody to come join in the fun.

The healthy eating plan that I’m on is geared to kick my metabolism into high gear and this weekend I suddenly realised that it has already started working.

lynda-1I ate Sushi Friday night, I had breakfast with my mum and dad at Mugg and Bean on Saturday Morning and I had lunch with my nephew at Canal Walk on Sunday.  My choices were healthy – Rye bread instead of white bread, poached egg on veggies instead of greasy food and Sushi instead of veggie hamburger and chips.  Yet I didn’t feel like I was having less fun than the others or that I was eating “diet food”.  My food was VERY yummy, extremely tasty and incredibly filling!

It dawned on me this morning that somewhere along the way I’ve turned the biggest corner in my life… MY BRAIN has finally been re-programmed and re-trained to think like a thin person!

I don’t have to agonise between whether I should have the salad or the chips, or whether toasted cheese on white bread should be guzzled down like a starved fat person – nor do I crave the greasy food my friends and family shove down their throats.  Instead I find myself AUTOMATICALLY and without THINKING just taking what is good for me and discarding the bad without a second thought.

The most powerful organ in the body is now on MY SIDE!

I think that I can now say that I’ve kicked the FAT PERSON persona in me to the curb!!!

lynda-3Its taken hard work, constant moaning with myself and positive affirmations every day for the past four months, and then VOILA!  Suddenly I don’t have to battle myself into staying on this plan… somewhere between Fat Lynda and Dear Skinny Bitch- I’ve reached that happy place where I am now fully immersed in staying on this path that I have chosen at the 30th of September 2013.

If you told me over four months ago that I would be feeling like this – I wouldn’t have believed it.

When I started – I happened on a book “Why we do what we do” by Charles Duhigg and I now know that he is 100% correct.  We CAN reprogram and retrain ourselves to break bad habits.  I don’t blame my upbringing, nor do I blame my childhood or society – I blame MYSELF for thinking that I am doomed to remain as fat I was because of my bad habits.

Now lets get my body to reflect my new way of thinking.  Slim, Trim and Confident!

Watch this space!


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