A reality check in my Weight Loss Journey

Losing 20.2kgs (44.44 pounds) is awesome and I feel like a million dollars!

BUT… and it is a huge humongous BUT – this is the most dangerous time for me. At this point I do NOT want to feel complacent and so puffed up with my own achievement that I fall off the wagon.

The sad and horrible truth is that after years of abuse – I had 51.4 kilograms (113 pounds) to lose when I started this journey and I have now only achieved 39.3% of that goal. So its no use twisting myself up like a pretzel and patting myself on the back for a job well done – there is still quite a way for me to go!

Yes… I agree – I MUST celebrate losing 39.3% because I am after all a glass half full type of woman – but it is that exact optimism in life that got me in the trouble I am right now. Optimists like me believe that we CAN overcome anything which breeds a certain form of procrastination within ourselves. We are so positive and so adamant that we can fix things and that life will be better tomorrow that we tend to sit back and rest on our laurels when we aren’t being challenged or pushed.

Well this is me pushing ME! And this is me challenging ME!

Get off your lazy butt woman – you still have 31.2 kilograms (68.64 pounds) to lose and that is going to take dedication, 100% commitment and strength of character… SO ARE YOU UP TO IT?

So while I feel like Rocky running up the stairs and cheering myself on to Eye of the Tiger – let me make my appointment at the gym because February is the month where I up my exercise routine! I might not be able to run a marathon because of the steel pegs in my feet – but I sure as hell can swim laps in the swimming pool and do elliptical exercises that put NO pressure on my feet. No more excuses – now we DO LYNDA!

And just in case you waver in your determination – here is a reminder of what you look like RIGHT NOW in very tight clothes.  (I just want to make sure that there is NO WHERE to hide the fat rolls and just how big a problem is still facing you.)


(Ok – so there is one SMALL problem with this – I am flying up to Johannesburg on Monday and I’m only come back late Friday night… but that is NOT a train smash… I might lose 5 days out of February already because of this stupid trip but it does not give me permission to now sulk and write the whole of February off like I would have in the past.  February is made up of 28 days and that means that I still have 23 days to get my fat ass into that swimming pool and get going.)

Have an awesome day everybody and keep on reaching for the stars because even if you don’t quite succeed – you still get to touch the moon.



5 thoughts on “A reality check in my Weight Loss Journey

  1. Hi Lynda, I hope I’m not redundant, as I’ve posted this at Carolina’s site, but well done!!! The last part of the journey is the most challenging, but you’ve already traveled more than most on the journey. Finish strong!!!!!!

  2. Ek hoor daai “Rockey”-musiek speel in my ore. En ek SIEN jou hardloop by daai trappe op. En ek ONTHOU dat jy jouself soos ‘n pretzel kan draai. En ek WEET jy kan dit doen. Slat hom flou!

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