Another 1.5 kilograms down which brings me to a total weight loss of 20.2kgs…



So I’ve reached my second goal and now I have to set a THIRD…

As I’m taking part in the Sprint to May Challenge 2014 – I’ve decided to keep that one as my third goal.

Apologies for not posting sooner – but I’ve had a week from hell… a team member landed in hospital and I’m busy doing her work and training a new person to take over that part for me.  On top of that we are nearing our Opening of Parliament, our 2014 national elections AND building new studios for our radio stations. So my life is not my own right now…  BUT – I am NOT using any of this as an excuse to fall of my healthy eating plan and I’m very proud to announce that I’m remaining strong and committed throughout all the hell that I’m going through right now.

Hope you guys are all doing well and hopefully by this weekend I can start reading blogs again because I find it an INCREDIBLE morale booster.

Good luck!


8 thoughts on “14th WEIGH-IN

    • Lol – I wish… No – I’m going to slow down slightly to give my skin a chance to catch up with all the shrinkage… I’m scared of looking like the hanging gardens of Babylon – so I need to increase my exercise routine and slow down slightly on the weight loss…

      • Lol! “…the hanging gardens of Babylon…” you’re too funny! 😀

        I can understand your concern about the excess skin. I think everyone who has a considerable amount of weight to lose worries about that. Taking it slow is a good strategy. Have you thought about, or do you, lift(ing) weights? Muscle can take up some of the space.

  1. I spoke to my doctor about weight lifting and he nearly chewed my head off… If I put any pressure on my feet he is going to hang me up by my big toes (his words – not mine). I’m allowed to lie on my back and do weights for my arms and chest, but I’m not allowed for my butt, legs and stomach because that is apparently done while standing up or pulling on your feet. 😦
    But I will NOT let this deter me – so I’m going to start with swimming exercises and doing loads of laps in the swimming pool. Then when I’m down to a more acceptable weight – he is willing to start a program with me where I get X-rays done after they introduce certain exercises for my butt, stomach and legs. Then if the pegs shift or put any type of pressure on my tendons, then they will cut back and try something else.
    I’ve used the pegs in my feet as an excuse to NOT do exercise for a very long time, but no more… I WILL find a way around it! I must just get inventive that’s all. I’m too focussed and determined to let it beat me this time. 🙂

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