Dropping centimeters during my diet

down1I got quite a shock when the dietician showed me on the measuring tape just how much weight I had lost…  I don’t know if you can make it out – but this is a picture taken from the top and where she is holding the measuring tape USED to be ME…


downIts frightening to think that I used to lug all that weight around – no wonder my joints were aching and that my back gave problems.  Structurally, you can’t build a massive shopping mall on the foundations meant for a tiny little cottage.  Is it any wonder that there are so many health issues for fat people to deal with?  When you are younger – your body can kinda carry the extra load because its got the strength.  But as you age, the body just gets weaker and weaker and in the end you sit with Stage 2 type diabetes, hypertension, back problems, knees and ankles give in, and a whole myriad of other issues geared at making us feel our “age”.

Well with the 18.7 kilograms that I’ve dropped – I haven’t felt ONE twinge in either my knees or ankles, my back is 80% better already and my high blood pressure is a thing of the past.  What is an added bonus and a super advantage is the amazing amount of energy that I’m saddled with.  My mind is a 100 times clearer, my mood is positive, I can handle problems and stress a LOT better and I don’t want to find hiding places to bury the bodies of the people I strangle anymore.

I seriously am becoming addicted to this feeling of health and vitality and I don’t think that I will ever go back to where I was.  I have to be a particular brand of masochist to EVER do that to myself again.

I’ve included a picture of a shirt that I bought at 14kg loss – but its already showing signs of bagginess.  DAMN!

birdieOn the other side of life that doesn’t involve health and healthy eating plans, my cat brought in a little baby bird and I had to wrestle the poor thing from the cat.  I couldn’t find its parents or the nest that it was taken from or fallen from – so I ended up taking care of the poor thing.  His name is Sylvester to give him delusions of catdeur and he is doing very well.  I still worry about the damage that the cat did because I did find blood on him – but at least his appetite is healthy and there is NOTHING wrong with his lungs because boy can that little thing CHIRP!  At the moment I’m feeding him every two hours during the day and he is now sitting in his little shoebox on the table here at work.  Luckily for me people are not phased by my eccentricities anymore and they normally just let my idiosyncrasies slide.

For my fellow participants in the challenge – I wish you luck and a reminder that we do NOT stop living or finding the joy in life just because we are going through a challenging and tough time.  Keep your chin up and knacker this challenge!!!!


2 thoughts on “Dropping centimeters during my diet

  1. Less weight, less pressure on the joints, less weight less energy to function = more energy! Having a dietician reaffirm your success must take you to a new level. 🙂 I’ve tried saving birds that have fallen from nests near my home, but I haven’t been successful. Best of luck with the little bird!

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