I’m down another 1.5 – but the reason for the big drop is that I’m so busy at work that I didn’t have a chance to eat my big meal… so I’m 1.5kgs down MINUS the biggest meal of the day.

lsotsofar187I’m feeling incredible and I’m prancing around like somebody HALF my age… The amount of energy I have is unbelievable. Its disconcerting just how many people are now stopping me to enquire about the my new eating plan.  It does become rather embarrassing because I hate drawing attention to myself.  😦  But then like one of my co-workers said this morning – You can’t expect to drop 18.7 kilograms and NOT expect people to be amazed and eager to know how it was done.

The sad thing is that the one purple shirt I bought at the 14kilogram drop is already starting to go all baggy, but there is NO way that I’m buying any more clothes right now.  I simply can’t afford it to keep up… so I’ve started delving into a part of my cupboard that I haven’t been in for a very long time.  I thought the clothes would be too casual, but quickly realised that if you are not so vastly overweight – then you can look smart and tidy in less formal clothing.  So another plus factor for me!

I’ll blog a bit later about the other happenings – I’m just frantically busy right now with issues at work because of a co-worker being ill and taken up in hospital.  Other than that – I’m as healthy as a horse, as happy as a lark and still steaming ahead resolutely.

Hope YOU all are having a good a week as I am!  🙂


3 thoughts on “THIRTEENTH WEIGH-IN

  1. Fantastic news! I love that you have lots of energy. That’s the part of weight loss that isn’t really promoted much. That extra energy feels great, helps us exercise more and accelerates the weight loss process. Good job!!!!

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