Day wasted sitting around at the hospital

Day wasted sitting around at the hospital

I spent practically the whole day with a co-worker at the hospital. She suffered prolapsed colon and because I have boobs they nominated me as the resident Florence Nightingale. Sitting waiting for the doctors I realised three things…

  • I dont like hospitals
  • I have no empathy with people who inflict misery on themselves and then expect the world to buy into their psychosis
  • And I will NEVER ever be able to become a doctor or a nurse – I just dont have the patience to deal with selfish attention seekers.

Well that’s my moan for the year….  tomorrow I will go back to my happy place again… But right now I’m going to give thanks that I’m healthy both in mind and body.  Its sad to see just how desperate lonely people are, so desperate in fact that they would self-harm just to get some human contact…


8 thoughts on “Day wasted sitting around at the hospital

  1. This is the sad reality of life. There will always be those people that harm themselves for attention, but I think it comes from some deep, psychological issue within them. We are lucky to be well in mind and for the most part, in body, as you said. It’s good to be thankful for that because not everyone is so lucky.

    I’m sorry that you had to spend the day in an environment that you don’t like, but I think those situations serve to remind us to be thankful that we don’t have to be in them all the time, and to appreciate the good environment(s) that we do have. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. 🙂

    • I realised today with a shock that we are shaped by everything that happens around us… so can you imagine if I was subjected to something THAT negative every day? When we motivate each other with this challenge – we must try and remember that not everybody is in a happy environment and that they are overcoming a lot of odds to reach their goal… At least we can create that type of positive environment here on the blogs and especially within the challenge. So tomorrow morning I will be back in my happy place and nobody will get me to be this miserable again… *shudder*

      • “…we must try and remember that not everybody is in a happy environment and that they are overcoming a lot of odds to reach their goal…” This is SO true. As much as we would like to think otherwise, we can never really know what each individual person is going through. It’s why we should be careful about what say and HOW we say it. You never know what you’re really dealing with.

        As always, it’s important to return to your happy place after days like the one you experienced today. 🙂 And yes, avoid hospitals like the plague!

  2. To all your points, I agree. There are people who are in need and deserve compassion, then there are others….

    Anyway, I was listening to Paul Simon’s Graceland album and in particular – Under African Skies – and thought of you. Lady Blacksmith Mambazo are amazing. Simon experienced something very amazing when he collaborated with them, and it appears he fell in love with the South African people. If it were not for my fear of flying, I’d like to visit South Africa one day (and also the Rift Valley).

    • Ladysmith Black Mambazo is one of the most incredible group that have ever come out of my home country. I too have Paul Simon’s album and while I was travelling around overseas – I listened to them when ever I became homesick… Ladysmith is actually the little home town where their leader Joseph was born, black has relevance to the Oxen that the Xhosa revere and Mambazo actually means “chop down” in reference to their competitors that they will be beating.
      I’m sorry that you are afraid of flying – but if you ever pick up enough courage – you will fall in love with the people, our culture and our beautiful country. We have music in our blood and everything we do involves song and dancing so you would feel right at home.. 🙂

  3. Watching Joseph Shabalala on the documentary about Graceland made me feel that he was a kindred soul. Thandiswa Mazwai is also wonderful. When I watch the live version in South Africa, you can see the wonderment in Paul Simons face as he watches her performance.

    • I’m quite sad now that you might never be able to experience the live sounds under a clear African sky. I would take you to see live shows in our botanical garden under open skies, with beautiful Table Mountain on your left and the twinkling of Cape Town in the distance. NOTHING compares to that incredible experience…

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