Sprint to May Challenge 2014

I’m going to take part in the Sprint to May Challenge 2014.

This challenge is the brainchild of Carolina A from the Newfoundfitness blog and Rob from Weight2Lose2013 blog.

The concept is simple – set yourself a goal that you want to achieve and then with manageable deliverables work hard at achieving that goal. Taking part in a public challenge like this means that you have people to help cheer you on, people to motivate you and inspirational achievements from bloggers that are trying to reach their own goals and slay their demons along the way.

That is pretty much the reason why I started this blog in the first place – so a challenge like this is right up my alley!  Thanks Rob for introducing me to this challenge – I can’t wait!

The first part of this challenge is to write my own bio, then state what my goals are and how I’m going to achieve this.  As I’ve already kinda started this already on my own – I’m going to have to set new goals and challenges for myself so that I can breathe new life into my own journey and gather momentum to a skinnier me!  There is nothing physical to win- but an amazing network of people to help you become a healthier you.

I will have to write down my accomplishments as they happen because every time I succeed at even ONE – I’m still that little step closer to the bigger goal.  I also need to send in “titles” of every achievement I want to reach every weeks starting on 30 January 2014 (sprint2may@gmail.com).  Progress pictures are optional – but because it helps me to keep a visual diary – I will definitely be doing this!

You can create mini-challenges along the way to involve other people and it must be inspirational so that it brings the healthy competitive spirit out of the participants to create an environment of encouragement and upliftment.

Now from here onwards I will be e-mailing, commenting or tweeting to Carolina to make sure that I stay accountable. (Submission dates are 30 January, 13 February, 20 February, 13 March, 27 March, 10 April and 24 April).

So here goes!


I’m a fifty year old female from Cape Town in beautiful sunny South Africa.  I was a skinny child who made my parents worry that I was underweight and underfed.  When I become a teenager – I started tipping the scale towards a chubbier me.  In my twenties I started carrying the “fat” title and by the time I stopped smoking in my late thirties I officially became morbidly obese.

Now I wish I had a valid excuse for finally tipping the scales at 111.4kgs – but the sad truth is that I have NOTHING.  The reality is that I became lazy, complacent and indulged myself shamelessly.  I used excuses like I’m a Vegetarian so I’m struggling to get my protein intake right, I’m an ex-smoker and this is bound to happen, I’ve got steel pegs in my feet and incapable of doing exercise, my mom’s got cancer and this is my coping mechanism, I have a highly stressful job and need to de-stress by eating and in later years…. WHY SHOULD I BOTHER – ITS TOO LATE NOW!

I finally woke up when I saw some photos that my sister and her kid took of me during our holiday in August 2013.  I got the fright of my life when I saw just how huge I had become and decided to do something about it right then and there. On the 30 of September I visited a dietician and for the first time in my life I started taking responsibility for my weight and who I had become.  She helped me get on to a diet plan that is tailor made for me, my lifestyle, my needs and wants and ultimately my taste.  I have not ONCE regretted this move and even after all this time – I am still going strong.

I have in total lost 17.2kgs so far and I still have a worrying 34 to go.  I do this by eating healthy, trying to exercise with the limitations that come with my weight, my age and the steel pegs in my feet and by getting my mind to finally work WITH me and not AGAINST me.  I can’t go too fast because I don’t want to look like the incredible melting woman at this stage of my life and watch the skin sagging towards middle earth… so I only want to lose between 2-4 kilograms a month while I step up my exercise to keep my body trim and skin firm.

So… I want to reach the halfway mark which means that I have to lose a total of 9 kilograms by 1 May 2014.

SO MY BIG GOAL IS TO WEIGH between 80 – 85 KILOS ON 1 MAY 2014.

I’ve already got the food and diet sorted out with the Dietician – so that is not going to be a problem, but the real challenge is going to be the exercise part of it WHILE I STAY ON MY HEALTHY EATING PLAN!

So my challenges will be as follows:

  1. Join a gym on 31 January 2014 to get access to their swimming pool in order to start doing laps.
  2. Do 4 exercise routines per week on the stepper by end of January 2014 (instead of my current 3)
  3. Do 5 exercise routines per week on the stepper by end of February 2014
  4. Do 6 exercise routines per week on the stepper by end of March 2014
  5. Do 7 exercise routines per week on the stepper by end of April 2014

A routine consists of the following:

  • 200 steps and then facial exercise (4sets of face exercise x 60)
  • 300 steps and then facial exercise (4sets of face exercise x 60)
  • 400 steps and then facial exercise (4sets of face exercise x 60)
  • 500 steps and then neck exercise (1 set of neck x 100)
  • 400 steps and then arm exercise of 100
  • 300 steps and then arm exercise of 100
  • 200 steps and then arm exercise of 100

Ok – I hope I covered it all and here’s wishing me good luck!

Thanks Carolina A and Rob – this is a very good thing you guys are doing!!!


13 thoughts on “Sprint to May Challenge 2014

  1. I LOVE how specific you are – we can do this! Steady weightloss is a great plan – it doesn’t matter how fast you achieve your goals. What matters is working towards those goals and believing in yourself. You’ve already achieved so much! I look forward to sharing the rest of your journey with you 🙂

  2. Your bio is BRILLIANT and specific, as Foxy-O said, which I LOVE! So thank you for that. 🙂 Your story is incredible. It is truly inspiring. You’re so level headed and focused. You have all your goals, the manner in which you will execute them, as well as why you’re doing them, all planned out. That is the clear path to success and you’re on it. Keep doing everything that you are doing. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you can reach your goals by May. Thank you, once again, for joining this challenge. I look forward to learning more about you and your story and following your journey. 🙂

    • Thank you for the challenge Carolina – we need more people willing to challenge and uplift us instead of people who break us down by negativity and hurtful comments. So BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for doing this! *gratitude*

      • You guys have been saying so many kind things lately. I honestly can’t handle it. Lol! Thank you so much for your appreciation and gratitude. It means a lot to me. You guys have been lifting me up with your kind words and they are exactly what I need right now, so thank you once again. 🙂

  3. LYNDA – What a great post. So detailed and you’re so motivated. You’re also from my favorite place on earth. My best friend lives in Cape Town and I’ve traveled there a few times and just fell in love with South Africa and CT. I’m excited to follow your journey – especially since you’ve done so well so far – you can mentor those of us that need it. Great blog layout as well. You’ve taken alot of time and it looks really great!

    • Oh wow! I’m so glad to meet somebody who loves my beautiful city… 🙂
      I need a lot of mentoring as I go because anybody that tells you that they can take this big a journey without people routing for them is not being honest. Friends help to keep you motivated and this challenge is perfect because it puts us in touch with others who struggle with the same challenges we have each day… so good luck and I wish you HUGE success… *grin*

  4. Welcome aboard! I’m glad to see that you’ve joined. As a follower of your blog, I see that you’ve already achieved so much. I’m looking forward to your success with the hope that I can learn from you and be as successful.

    • Thanks Rob – we are going to learn a lot from each other. Everybody is a philosopher, a poet and an expert on something – so I can’t wait to tap into that wealth of information… 🙂

  5. Have you ever tried hula hooping? There are fitness hoops for adults that are easier to keep up and it’s a great low impact exercise and SUPER fun. You should try i!

    • Oh my word – I have the co-ordination of a drunk centipede with loads of left feet…. but I’m going to enquire and see if I can at least spin the hoop without displacing some vital organs… 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion – its going to be fun finding healthy exercise solutions for me… 🙂

      • I had never in my life, even when I was a little kid, been able to keep the hoop up before I tried the weighted fitness hoops. It’s a little challenging at first and it will feel impossible but it’s not too challenging to pick up if you practice for a little while. There are a lot of instructional videos on youtube that help a lot!

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