Tea helps me control my appetite…

I have a rather stressful job with people popping in and out of my office as the will and need strike them, all of them screaming for help or solutions.

As a copying mechanism in the past – I would either pop a sweet into my mouth, gnaw on a slab of chocolate or munch down on some fatty pastry.  Judging by the size I was – I must have had a LOT of stress to get THAT big.

I realised that I needed to find another way to cope with all this stress and as its illegal to shoot irritatingly needy people at work – I decided to rather fixate on something else.  Something less fattening, something that will help me cope and keep my hands busy to stop me from strangling people.

So I line with my Healthy Eating Plan to eat more organic type foods, I decided to try herbal tea.


Since the start of my diet – I’ve actually grown rather addicted to the Herbex range.  Its called “Slimmers Tea” and you get various flavours.  I start my day off with the Eat-less Herbal Tea, with a pot of Metabolism Herbal Tea for mid morning, Lunch time I drink Fat Burn Herbal Tea and for mid afternoon I have some Moroccan Mint Green Tea.

Of course I can be extremely lucky that I’m so close to the toilets, because my goodness these things make you pee.

And its very easy to fit this into your lifestyle.  I travel around with a little plastic bag full of tea sachets for that one lone little restaurant who have no green tea or for when I visit friends.  I’m not ashamed to whip out my own teabag and rather ask them to make me herbal tea instead of normal tea.  Now that people can see just how much weight I’m losing – they are all VERY accommodating by even stocking up on the brands I like.  Even the people at work are starting to keep my favourite teas in their office for when I come to visit – how cool is that?

I walk into meetings with my teapot and teacup and nobody even blinks an eye anymore. Although there is ONE character who gives me a thousand words when ever he sees me with my herbal tea and gets quite nasty with his little jabs.  But I’ve learnt to smile sweetly, look at his BIG GUT and say something innocuous like “You are my role model”.   The sarcasm unfortunately flies right over his head – but it still gives me pleasure to get my little dig in with a very angelic smile on my face.

I looked at my measurements again and I’m happy to report another big shift in that department as well.

  • When I started my bust was 128.5 – its now 118 exactly.
  • My middle was 112 – I’m now 103.5
  • My Tummy was 122 – I’m now a brilliant 103.5 (whoop whoop)
  • My hips were 134 – and now I’m 120.8

I’ve dropped from a size 24 top to a 16 and my pants dropped from a 20 to a 16 as well. When I started my BMI was 41 and the Dietician wants me on 24… which means I still have a long way to go because I’m currently standing at 36…

However – just like every raindrop not realising that it can be part of a major flood, I continue making small changes until it all comes together to produce a skinnier me.

Have an incredible day people and I hope you all grab 2014 like a rugby ball and SCORES!



6 thoughts on “Tea helps me control my appetite…

  1. You survived the holidays and then some! I’ve completely neglected tea, but it looks like a good alternative to coffee. Congratulations on your results! You’ve made inroads on all 4 categories! I am in agreement with you – small changes over time get to the end result. Good luck going forward!

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