Hanging on to ONE fat outfit…

I’m keeping this outfit!


I don’t intend to wear it again, nor do I intend to get THAT fat again…

I am simply hanging on to this outfit for my before and after photo once I’ve reached goal wait… AND I want to see if I can fit my whole body into one of the legs of the pant to show just how big I actually was.  So I’m hanging on to this outfit to keep me honest and to keep me motivated.

It USED to be my favourite outfit because I could hide in it and not come out until the end of winter…  But cameras can be terribly bitchy and seriously hurtful because none of the pictures that were taken of me in this outfit was from a flattering angle… 😦

fatclothes14Now I need to say a formal goodbye to this pile of clothing that are now being unceremoniously kicked out of my domicile.  Thank you for covering my fat butt for so long, thank you for letting me blame YOU guys for the many many MANY unflattering photographs and thank you for NOT coming back!

I’m now going to go home and start my food for the Ole Christmas Eve dinner.  Neal, my sister’s youngest (age 22), asked for my cream-style potatoes…  *makes the sign of a cross, puts on garlic and sprinkles herself with holy water*    If you eat this dish – you can literally feel your arteries hardening and your blood curdling in your veins.  Unfortunately its my dad’s and Neal’s favourite dish so I have no choice but to make it.  We do our main meal on ole Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we eat leftovers and laze around like beached whales.  It’s my favourite time of the year and I normally just float around in the swimming pool like the flotsam and jetsam of Christmas past.

Please be safe out there and I hope you all have an incredible time with the family.


(Just in case I weaken and eat myself into a coma – here are some pictures to remind me NOT to over-indulge and make healthy choices)

fatclothesC FatclothesB fatclothesA


3 thoughts on “Hanging on to ONE fat outfit…

  1. Well done, Lynda! Out with the old, in with the new. Plus, you’ll have fun shopping for a new wardrobe. Swimming on Christmas must be great. We’re trudging through the melting snow and slush here.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope you had a very merry Christmas! Great feeling to chuck all those oversized clothes! At work yesterday I said to someone, “I had to get new footie pajamas this year because last years were too big” and then I laughed because it felt so good to say something like that!

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