Throwing out my fat clothes

Up until last week Friday I was still happily wearing all the clothes I used to wear before I started losing weight.  People have been telling me that its hanging on me and that I should now get smaller sizes but as usual – I ignore any advise and just carry on doing what ever I want.


Friday I walked into a shopping centre and as I went down on my haunches to tie my shoe laces – I could feel my pants sliding down my hips!  I frantically grabbed at it with both hands and in the process dropped my bag, my waterbottle and in the confusion I proceeded to trip over my loose shoelace.  As I went sprawling… my only coherent thought was… “stupid cow – you need to listen to people – this pants is too damn big!”

I went home and took a long hard look at my clothes.

I’ve kinda reconciled myself to the fact that my favourite black pants (all eight of them) will now have to be thrown away – but I didn’t reckon on how seriously large some of my shirts are now looking on me.  Can 14.9 kgs do THAT big a change to my silhouette?  Yikes!

So I fitted some of my big shirts on and even though I bought a much smaller black pants – there is still NO way in hell that I can carry on wearing them…  Where the hell are all my smaller clothes?  Did I somehow along the way get rid of them or haven’t I seen a smaller size in over a decade?

So with a squealing, crying and swearing credit card – I ventured into the shops to buy myself a couple of clothes to tide me over till I reach goal weight.  My credit card is now in traction and having a nervous breakdown at some asylum because I not only had to buy a couple of shirts – I also had to replace some of my underwear as well as a bathing costume and two nightshirts. *INSERT COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SWEAR WORDS HERE*

Its stupid because I don’t intent to stay this weight!

However – I DID buy the clothes a little bit tighter on me than what I’m used to in order to make sure that I diet some more and not become all complacent.  At least I can carry on wearing this for another 15-20kgs before I have to replace this as well… (I HOPE!)

I love losing weight like this – but the reality that goes with it – is sometimes a bitter-sweet pill to swallow.

I could have bought myself a new solar driven robot with that money…  Yes yes I know – I’m a gadget freak – but my goodness I would rather play with something as entertaining as electronics than waste it on clothes… *sulk*

Oh well I guess its time to grow up and get my priorities in order – I can’t carry on going to work looking like a bag lady.

IN CASE you are interested and just for my sister who lives in Australia – here are SOME of the clothes and the reason I have to throw it out…  Which is messed up because I still have so much still to lose…  😦


I tried all the outfits WITH the smaller pants – but alas the tops are still looking unacceptably voluminous.

I tried a smaller pants - and it STILL looked too big.

fatclothes4 I tried a smaller pants – and it STILL looked too big.


fatclothes9 fatclothes8 fatclothes7 fatclothes11 fatclothes10

And I leave you with two of the outfits that I bought for work… the pants is a 16 and not a 20 and the tops are 16 as well and not my usual size 24.  You can see its a bit tight – but if I suck my breath in, try and get my breasts to meet my backbone and squeeze my butt cheeks together – then they look kinda ok.  Its just until I drop a further couple of kilograms and then it will fit nicely.


Check the pose – jeez!fatclothes13


4 thoughts on “Throwing out my fat clothes

  1. Lynda, first of all, your experience in the shopping centre was truly a laugh out load moment. You’re light hearted apptoach while on your journey is so refreshing to read. Furthermore, your progress photos tell a great story. I agree with the frustration with buying clothes while still eliminating weight. I’ve started wearing slacks with elastic waists until I’m at goal. You’re Aussie sister will be impressed, as we all are. Fantastic!

  2. Transitioning is tough! I actually used the excuse of not wanting or being able to afford new clothes as an excuse to NOT lose weight! But i’m glad i didn’t let it sotp me. Yes I’ve had to spend more on clothes in the last year than I would have liked, but it was worth it in the end. I just bought a size 6 pair of pants for work….the SAME pair of pants that 3 months ago I bought in a size 10 during my “transitionary” phase.

  3. I’m having this problem too, but I don’t have the funds to cover new digs. Maybe you can take the clothes to a tailor so you have more to work from. 🙂

  4. Wahaa! Dit KLINK soos my sussie – herinner my baie aan ons trip in Europa. Jy lyk pragtag – ek dink ek gaan moet begin gewig verloor. Jy is ‘n inspirasie!

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