Jeez its hard to diet during the holiday season…

This is just a random post about random moanings and groanings about the screwings and the doings of the fat fairy during the holiday season.

sweetiesWhy is it that every second present you get is something decadent.  If one more person gives me some exotic box of chocolates for Christmas – I’m personally going to bite their ankles out of frustration!  So far I’ve given away 17 boxes of chocolates, 4 dried fruit and nuts baskets and 11 bottles of liqueur.  I get the feeling people think I live on chocolates, sweets and alcohol!  In other words – I’m a fat drunk?  Yikes!

I don’t even drink – so the liqueurs were no problem to give away – but the damn dried fruit and chocolates actually made me wipe away a tear as I gave it to my co-workers.  DAMN!

In the end it all comes down to choices…  the main choice being the one between being healthy or struggling to have quality of life.

I guess right now my desire to drop all this weight still outweighs the craving for chocolates so I’m pretty darn grateful for this.  But I don’t want to tempt fate – so I WILL be going into very inventive ways to keep me honest.  Maybe I will airfry myself some Tofu strips that I can keep in my bag as “candy” or “treats” to nibble on when the craving hits.  Otherwise I can also keep some Almonds and Raisins in my bag because that is quite filling as well – right?  Its either THAT or I start nibbling on the door frames here at work and I don’t even want to THINK of where I will be having myself a splinter problem afterwards!

Well if being thin was easy – then everybody would become stick insects and lazy people like me wouldn’t have double chins and butts the size of the Table Mountain… 😦

But enough moaning… I have my health… people must like me to give me so many presents… I’m busy losing weight… I am about to leave work to go and swim in our pool at home and I am not ready to throw in the towel yet on this thing called life!

So all is good in my hot little corner of the world… Have a great day everybody and stay focussed so that you can achieve everything your heart desires.  Mwah!


3 thoughts on “Jeez its hard to diet during the holiday season…

  1. I like it, Lynda! “Desire over cravings”. I think that is what it comes down to for many of us. I think that when you arrive at your goal, you’ll look back and applaud your efforts during these days of tempation.

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