So some more weight has been flushed from my system forever.  Its absolutely great that I haven’t had one week so far where I’ve stagnated or (HORRORS) where I’ve picked up.


That is 29.8% weight lost so far.  Slowly but surely I’m busy tipping the scales and its a great feeling.

Now THREE things are worrying me..

  1. I’m not as dedicated on the stepper as what I used to be.  I’m now only doing it 3-4 times a week which is considerably less than what I promised myself I would do.  So I need to pull my flabby self to that instrument of torture because I need to start toning.  So far I’ve kept the Hanging Gardens of Babylon down to a minimum – but I think I’m playing with the devil’s left testical if I keep on ignoring the fact that I CAN and WILL have hanging skin as I lose more and more weight.
  2. Another thing that I’m slightly worried about is that this is the season of eating out with friends and family and there are not a lot of healthy choices out there for a Vegetarian on a diet.   So I’ll either be eating a lot of salads like a damn rabbit or I’m going to buckle and cheat.  HOWEVER:  I have the best of intentions, I have some kick-assed willpower and I have a mirror – so I’m determined NOT to slide on this diet.
  3. The last thing that I’m panicking about is that my Dietician has now gone on leave until the 14th of January.  That means no more weekly weigh-ins or motivational speeches…  now it will only be me, my fat ass and my self-destructive nature.

I think its either time to invest in a scale so that I can keep track of my own weight until she gets back. 


I can have faith in myself and carry on the way I have right now without my emotional crutch and surprise myself on an epic job well done on the 14th of January 2014.

I guess time will now tell…

But be prepared for a lot of outpouring here on the blogs as I work my way through the season that the Fat Fairy loves the most!


3 thoughts on “ELEVENTH WEIGH-IN

  1. Have faith and keep the faith! I have mixed feelings on the scale. I have one and I weigh myself every day and get frustrated by the fluctuations. Congratulations on your weight loss. Eating out with friends and family can be a challenge, but you’ve come this far, you won’t falter.

  2. I would definitely get a scale! Fluctuations are a part of life, and I weigh myself everyday so that I DON’T freak out when it goes up or down a little bit. Now I know that’s normal. But when I didn’t have a scale I lived in a state of denial that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I let myself get out of control because I didn’t have any accountability.

  3. You do have some kick-ass willpower, no doubt! I am sure that you can keep up the momentum all on your own, and the holidays will be here and gone before you know it. Stay strong…you are doing brilliantly!!

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